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Omni Club Review (100% serious)

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Okay okay okay, this shit is hella worth it. You get double the goddamn points on every purchase. Then you are given access to the shop to use said points. Within this shop you can buy a bunch of coupons with the points you got for free. It's free money my guy. Spend money to get money, simple stocks or something (idk I'm not braindead). They also give you support first over the peasants who can't afford to be in the elite Omni Club. Not to mention the giveaways we get. You also get to post sick images and gifs (moving images) to flex on non-Omni Clubbers (inferior people).  Also you get the role that has squirt on it (no one knows whos, I'm hoping it's nuggy's).  And on the weekend we get special coupon drops.

Sexy Time: 

I had to make a whole new category/paragraph thing for the staff sexy time. Omni Club members get sexy time with the staff team when we're lonely, and I get lonely a lot (ask nuggy). 

Defo: Head-game is weak, but his man-pussy is ripe and tight (perfect for even the tiny dick gang like me). I developed cerebral palsy. 

Crowley: Mediocre head-game but his dick is massive and will leave you dripping and wheelchair-bound.

Nuggy: Don't even get me started on this mans head game cause holy fucking shit. This guy gave me head so good that my dad came back just to leave again. He squeezed my nuts until they exploded like grapes and I painted the room white. His mouth-pussy is the softest you will ever encounter. While his dick may be invisibly small, his chocolate starfish while warp your dick like the event horizon of a black whole. Idk what this guy drinks in the morning, but he is definitely the go-to when I need that sexy time from Omni Support.

Fucking buy Omni Club, it's free money and hella goddamn worth it. 89/89 nuggy bjs.

Nuggy's most recent victim: spacer.png

Please buy Omni Club, crowley has me locked in his basement and won't give me water until 3 people buy it.

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