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  • Welcome to Omni Solutions

    We are proud to offer industry-leading cheats for your favorite games on PC. Our products are created with love and designed for ease-of-use. Cheating has never been easier- simply checkout with your favorite payment method and start dominating your foes today!

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    • +REP Great Cheat
    • By far one of the best hacks for looking legit, and the interface is beyond simple including installing it. I honestly couldn't look for anything better¬† ('Note: I've only used legit aimbot) - it'll miss a lot and you can steadily increase how many shots you hit over time so you're not just straight zero to hero within the span of a day. The visuals are probably the best part about this - the ESP will show you not all attatchments, but the shit that GOES WITH YOUR LOADOUT. So you're not scrambling through all these purple/gold texts looking for the one you want - instead you can just see it and be like "yeah, that's the fuckin one." Not to mention it'll show what's inside a deathbox and what inside that deathbox you need. ALSO during battle when all these icons and texts flood your screen just hit "x" or whatever keybind you want to set it to and you'll no longer have item esp active which makes the whole combat process a lot easier. Under the misc section I've only used a few: Bunny hop - cool and all but fucks with you while trying to climb up walls so I couldn't get behind it. Auto Pistol - basically makes your pistol an automatic, which is nice when you need to spam someone into oblivion before they cancel christmas on your ass. Show Spectators - know which fucker you're BM'ing with toxic quips and holograms. Weak Aimlock - personal preference when you don't want to aim at some cunt so you can just pull away and aim at the other fucker that's probably about to send you to the gulag so to speak. Tactical Reload - I'm going to be honest, I couldn't find a gun this worked with nor the actual purpose, in my mind I'm thinking reload faster but none of my testing yielded any results. Rank Bypass - Basically, do you want to streamsnipe that one toxic streamer you hate? Is he a higher rank than you? Doesn't stop you now! (no idea if it actually works as I have no intention with playing on the same level as those sweats yet) ¬† Basically, for $75 you get in my opinion one of the smoothest feeling hacks you'll ever use. Now this may just be my lack of ever cheating on this game and unsure how many other hacks have these same features and possibly better; however, for $75 it feels great. Can't wait to see what else is added to Apex Black! ¬†
    • EFT thermal is a good product it is just player esp. none of the other stuff that get detected and that's all i have really been looking for just to fight or stay away from players if they made a¬†private cheat like this that does not get banned as much I would pay more I know a lot of people like the other stuff but i do not care for it but i would like to see it work better on interchange¬†
    • Very high quality product! Very feature full and high quality menu. All around great cheat.
    • Very nice internal cheat menu it works exactly as it is described. Aimbot works very good. The settings for Item ESP works fine aswell. All-in one its a nice cheat. The Doorunlocker is helpful but you shouldnt use it. Test it guys ! ¬† ¬†
    • bought for apex and it works will try eft next¬†
    • Love the hack, little bit of a pain to set up if not computer guru. but once up and running its great.¬†
    • Product worked as described.
    • Fairly new to computers and any use of this product, but 1st try was amazing and second was a little tougher to get running. But thanks to great and intelligent staff on their discord mods and owner's help as well, i was able to get things going and have a great time! I would definitely recommend this product.¬†
    • I have currently bought EFT blue over 20 times and never had one issues. I highly recommend it. Blue 10/10
    • hi i am french sorry my english is bad¬† ¬† this program is BEST hack of the year ^^
    • The hack is easy to use and easy to set up and It works great.¬†
    • Hello, I'm here to give my honest review on the R6S ESP. Start-Up: First off, it was kinda simple to get up and running. There was a lot of downloads involved but,¬†they were short and trusted applications. - Mostly made by Micorsoft Multiplayer: Once I got it up and running, I played a lot. To turn on the ESP you have to scan for enemy, this was simple and easy to do at each round when attacking, but when defending I was puzzled for a minute then remembered cameras existed¬† and was able to enable my ESP when defending. It was a simple ESP, and it even included features like: Unlock All Operators Unlock all weapon skins(Including Blackice) Unlock All Operator Skins(Excluding elites) This was very useful, but someone became suspicous when I used blackice. (Left before they could report) Lone-Wolf: The ESP on Lone-Wolf did not work correctly for some reason as I can see why, new AI's spawned and they werent detected by the cheat. (Can be fixed by rescanning). The ESP on Lone-Wolf is useful though in elimination. Note: I was banned from R6S for cheating when using this cheat, not by battle-eye though. I got banned by reports. I would be careful when using this cheat. ¬†
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