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  1. very pog ud as well
  2. Still haven't been banned and have been basically rage hacking. Super good and still undetected.
  3. The spoofer is good it helped me play a bunch of games again and was really easy.
  4. EFT carry is very good cause its cheap and its totally undetected. I got like 2 mil worth of loot very pog.
  5. Cod carnage is a really good cheat. Now not only does it work very well and has many features but its also super cheap. Like I mean 5$ cheap. Can't really beat that.
  6. Honestly for the price nothing really beats this. It is only esp but thats really all you need considering how easy gunplay is in this game. Very good +rep.
  7. I was only able to test this for about 2 days but I can confidently say if you have the money this cheat is insane. The amount of things you can do with it is pretty wild. Whether you want to rage or just get loot it is the best option available.
  8. very good got me to plat 4 from bronze in a day
  9. best eft cheap ever. simple. cheap. good. very nice cheat +rep. also support is lit
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