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The Loader: The loader is simple to setup. You grab your key, register an account, log in with said account, press initialize (wait 1-5 mins), launch the game, and voilà you're officially using the cheat.

Loader 10/10 Could be a little bit quicker but that's just being picky, works great.

Visuals: For the visuals it is very simple but not in a bad way, I preffer the icons for the loot esp and the skeleton option for player esp it works great no complaint here
Visuals rating: 10/10 pretty nice in the way it works, cool radar esp too 

Aimbot: The aimbot is honestly quite crude in the way it works and predict its shots but it's very affective, of course it will miss shots here and there but overall better than me or shroud (I'm no where near shroud) a good note is that it is best if you stand still when shooting for best accuracy 
Aimbot rating: 9/10 Gets you kills, even at long distances The Through wall works and is a pretty cool feature 10/10 Overall review, Pretty nice cheat and a lot of fun 10/10 would recommend

nuggets head skills are unparalleled - 30/10

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