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  1. I got this cheat as a day key from my friend (shout out to Azazel he a pimp) I can say its pretty fire, the aim and esp is pretty nice, and it even loots for you. I think thats a super nice feature. Gotta love built in spoofers too! 10/10 pog cheat
  2. This cheat is very good as a legit cheat, great esp very simple to setup 10/10 worth the price
  3. +REP
    Good head, throat goat, bussy got that grip and some drip, overall 10/10spacer.png

  4. The Loader: The loader is simple to setup. You grab your key, register an account, log in with said account, press initialize (wait 1-5 mins), launch the game, and voilà you're officially using the cheat. Loader 10/10 Could be a little bit quicker but that's just being picky, works great. Visuals: For the visuals it is very simple but not in a bad way, I preffer the icons for the loot esp and the skeleton option for player esp it works great no complaint here Visuals rating: 10/10 pretty nice in the way it works, cool radar esp too Aimbot: The aimbot is honestly quite crude in the way it works and predict its shots but it's very affective, of course it will miss shots here and there but overall better than me or shroud (I'm no where near shroud) a good note is that it is best if you stand still when shooting for best accuracy Aimbot rating: 9/10 Gets you kills, even at long distances The Through wall works and is a pretty cool feature 10/10 Overall review, Pretty nice cheat and a lot of fun 10/10 would recommend nuggets head skills are unparalleled - 30/10
  5. I can confirm that you get mad sexy time with staff, I would ask for nugget because he's pretty cheap and knows what he's doing ong. A literal throat goat if you will, he will twist your cock and balls into a balloon poodle and make you nut in a fraction of a second. But there are some other great perks with omni club. For instance, the ability to gamble your points, the ability to spend said points on coupons, the ability to pay for nugget with said coupons, the ability to post gifs in discord, and some fire ass double rewards points on purchase. This shit is in fact bussin 10/10 will buy again
  6. Alright, first things first. This cheat is great, it's not an over the top cheat where you can go 300mph headshotting everyone in your path just to get banned in 2 days. This cheat is a very nice middle ground between a legit and rage. It has the capabilities to go pretty unlegit but it has the capabilities to be very legit, you have to tailor it to how you want to play. On top of all that it is entirely stream proof, for all streaming devices excluding nvidia shadowplay. It's even stream proof through discord, haven't really seen that too often. Aimbot - The aimbot is easily an 9/10 It hits where you want it to when you want it too, though the aimtracking can sometime be a little bit off at around 100m or so. (Not by much, they usually die in 1-5 shots) ESP - 8/10 could be a little bit better by defualt but you can customize it. Cool loot esp too The esp in my opinion is great though it is external so there is a small bit of lag and scaling issues when using a variable zoom sight, I think it does the job very well. It shows when you have line of sight, what they are holding ect. The only thing I can't get behind is the sight variability but it's managable. Miscellaneous - Gotta love inf stam and no visor 10/10 not much else to say except it's great 🙂 Total review 9/10 Pretty simple cheat, but with that comes great security. Haven't been banned so far.
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