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EFT Purp Review (100% serious)

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While I couldn't get it to work the most recent time I tried, Omni Purp is an amazing cheat. 

Pros over Starr: actual fucking menu (big W), more misc features, player esp is much better imo, settable aim key, can show your ammo in clip.

Cons: No loot filter, more features, $1 more (referring to recharge price), battle mode.

Now the reason I say more features is both a pro and a con is because the features are fun and give you more usability, but the more features means more things that could possibly get DTC in the future. BUT I don't want you to think Purp is DTC rn, because it's not (I used both it and Starr on same acc and never got banned).

Overall it comes down to user preference, but I've been slapping the shit out of kids and sherpas with both Starr and Purp. Highly recommend both (also recommend head from nuggy, it's mad cheap and the dude knows what he's doing ong). 

Overall I rate Purp 16/17 Crowley testicles.



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