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  1. Hello, I have been using EFT Starr for a week straight, and honestly, it does what it needs to do. It has numerous functionalities and toggles such as ESP/Softaim/hardaim, and the loot finder is pretty decent. My survival rate is basically 100% at this point, and it's very stable. That being said, there are some things I would change as a developer myself; #1. A built in loot search, where you can type in what it is you're looking for, and have it sort through the loot tables. If it doesn't exist on the map, have it state that it doesn't exist. Most of this can be done pretty easily with lib2cpp. #2. Quest locations and objectives for ESP. Pretty self-explanatory on that one. #3. A quick toggle to hide X items from the filter. e.g. You're searching for Sugar, you enable the food items, and then suddenly your entire screen is a sea of orange. Reducing bloat / fat is definitely the next move for this, and letting your users fine-trim things without going through the hassle of logging out, reloading the exe, then hitting "Customize" at the start. Aside from that, GGWP. It's good and worth it. (Start bringing month keys tho. This shit's expensive af lmao)
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