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  1. Really well made program. No issues.
  2. Been Raging using Starr for a week now, dropping 10-15 kills (pmc + scav) and haven't been banned. Still undetected and amazing.
  3. Literally unstoppable. Insane rage settings and works perfectly well with no performance hits.
  4. Interface is extremely clean and easy to navigate. Instructions to use are clear and easy to follow. Overall a great product. I would recommend.
  5. Great price for basic and incredible features. I would love to see some more features in the future if possible.
  6. INSANE!!! Such an amazing product for price. 100% worth it. No issues encountered.
  7. No errors or crashes or bugs. Brilliant.
  8. No further issues going blatant. Great program.
  9. EFT Starr is honestly unbelievably amazing when it comes to its 'features for price'. So far I've used this program for only one day however, it has worked flawlessly. My system is quite low-end and this software has caused little to no impact on my performance. The visuals, hotkeys and installation guide are all HIGHLY recommended. I will continue to use this product periodically. My one suggestion to the Administrators or Developers is to offer possibly a '3-day' or '7-day' offer rather than just the '1-day', since this product seems to run on almost every machine in comparison to the other versions. Overall: Highly recommended and great product for its price. 🙂
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