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  1. I love it. Only doing day keys here and there because I don’t get to play as much as I used to. Super easy to set up, reminds me of other subscriptions I’ve used from trusted sellers. Great help in the discord setting it up if you ever need any questions like I did about a USB Drive and such. The cheat I’ve only used for a few hours. ESP for players and loot: 4/5 I am finding some things here and there that don’t pop up on the esp, that’s the only reason why I’m doing a 4. Other than that I have made a million in a couple raids. ESP Radar: 5/5 Best radar I’ve had in a game. Love how the players and bots will highlight green to red on the radar if you see them. Aimbot: ?/5 I’ve played FPS games my whole life so I never use aimbot. I’m an ESP freak. If I try it out someday, I’ll do a review on it. Infinite Stamina: 5/5 Wow on this, I didn’t know this was a thing!
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