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Hello, I'm here to give my honest review on the R6S ESP.


First off, it was kinda simple to get up and running. There was a lot of downloads involved but, they were short and trusted applications. - Mostly made by Micorsoft


Once I got it up and running, I played a lot. To turn on the ESP you have to scan for enemy, this was simple and easy to do at each round when attacking, but when defending I was puzzled for a minute then remembered cameras existed  and was able to enable my ESP when defending. It was a simple ESP, and it even included features like:

Unlock All Operators

Unlock all weapon skins(Including Blackice)

Unlock All Operator Skins(Excluding elites)

This was very useful, but someone became suspicous when I used blackice. (Left before they could report)


The ESP on Lone-Wolf did not work correctly for some reason as I can see why, new AI's spawned and they werent detected by the cheat. (Can be fixed by rescanning). The ESP on Lone-Wolf is useful though in elimination.

Note: I was banned from R6S for cheating when using this cheat, not by battle-eye though. I got banned by reports. I would be careful when using this cheat.


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