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Classification 10/10

ESP: Without Words, works Fantastic. 10/10.

AIMBOT: It also works wonderfully, on occasions when you point and walk left or right, it stops following its trail. But it is only a matter of making light movements. 9/10

PREDICTION BULLET: Sometimes a bit buggy, but it's great. 9/10

ESP LOOT: It works perfect, I do not know if it really has the value of the items updated, since when putting a range of 30k per item, it does not show some that have a higher value than the current market, but I am not complaining !!! I made good money with it. 10/10

SECURITY: Without BAN at the moment, I hope to continue like this. 10/10

(ADVICE) Do not be an idiot when it comes to killing people, always try to evade the fighting, only kill those who tried to come to fuck me, surely others with programs, they knew my location, so what had to happen happened pass. Respect those who play fair.
Personal opinion, if you want to be a "dickhead" you will receive many reports."

* infinite stamina 10/10
* No recoil 10/10
* Infinite oxygen 10/10

** The only thing I do not understand is if you buy one 24 hrs, it expires according to use or time runs and it ends at 24 hrs of real time. **

The coolest thing that I played 24 hours a day doing my quest and managed to raise all the vendors to the maximum level, I need to achieve more quest, I hope soon to be able to get at least 30 days, it is difficult to play 24 hours to take full advantage of the program.


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